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March 1, 2008
Cover Story
- Regional Retailing: A Matter of Strategy
A solid private label approach can play a critical role in a regional retailer's success — and enhance that retailer's ability to compete against the national chains. Learn about what some retailers are doing — with help from partners such as Topco Associates and the Federated Group — to stay on top of the private label game.

Editor's Insight
- Good Eats Ain't Cheap

The Private Eye
- The Bio-Duel: is Biofuel Burning the Economy?; A Private Label Guide to Europe...
- Retail Wire Plugged In
- The Ticker
- People
- On the Supplier Side

Thinking Inside the Box
- Global Warming: The Good News
Forget about the weather, the latest warming trend is melting private label's “glaciers,” Tom Stephens says.

Guest Column
- Change is Good. You Go First!
A successful life and career are all about continuous improvement, says guest columnist Steve Pankow, and change is the driver of continuous improvement.

Trend Watch — Packaging Perspectives
- Sustaining Sustainability
The push for environmentally safe packaging must have everyone's involvement if the concept is to become an industry standard.

Special Focus — Product Quality
- Withstanding the Pressure
An emphasis on product quality, not the bottom line, is important for private label.

Special Report — Seasonal Merchandise
- If You Build It, They Will Party
Seasonal merchandise is more than just chocolate Santa Clauses, candy corn and cream-filled candy eggs.

Special Report - Canadian Marketplace
- Northward Bound

Category Reviews
- Healthy Ride for Juices

Coffee and Tea
- Get Your ‘Share of Cup'

- Down But Not Out

Cough and Cold Products
- Under the Weather

New Products
- Latex-Free Gloves; Eco-Friendly Lip Balm...

Seidler Says...
- When Quality Goes Out Of Style

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