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July 1, 2005

July 2005

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And the Winners Are...

Cover Feature
- It Feels Natural
Consumer attention and consumption has increased awareness of natural and organic products, and retailers like Whole Foods and Wild Oats are driving the trend. And these days, as popularity increases, traditional retailers are jumping into the game and boosting sales through private label.

Special Report
- PL Buyer’s 2005 Category Colonels
- Answering The Call
- Partnering Up
- Trends In Private Label Protein
Consumer spending on private label meats and seafood is increasing, which means good things for manufacturers. Check out the latest trends and what is keeping the category rolling.

Category Reviews
- Slow And Steady
They’ve had a tough couple of years, no doubt, but private label salty snacks are starting to make a comeback.
- Talkin’ ‘Bout My Best Friend
Private label pet food and products continue to go upscale as more and more consumers indulge their furry friends.
- Head Over Heels
Opportunities continue to increase for private label foot care products as consumers want to keep their feet comfortable.

New Products
- New On The Shelf
- Going To The Dogs (and Cats), Organic Granola and more...

Private Eye
- Private Particulars
- Consumers Prefer Private Label In Taste Tests
Consumers prefer private label, it’s true! Echo boomers have an impact, Cott opens a new plant, people, private particulars and more.
- People
- Is It All Semantics Or Not?

In Private View
- Talking Private Label With Loblaw
Get an inside look at Loblaw’s private label, from one in the know – an interview with Paul Uys.

Warren’s Wanderings
- Your Line Is NBE? Well, Whoop-De-Doo!

Thinking “Inside the Box”
- A Mid-Year Report
Tom Stephens gives the skinny on the good, the bad and the ugly of private label programs.

Here’s a Thought
- Getting Good Press

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