Private Label Buyer

Switzerland Leads Europe in 2010 PL Market Share, PLMA Reports

July 14, 2011

Switzerland held the highest private label market penetration rate, measured by volume, of any country in Europe during 2010, according to the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) 2011 International Yearbook.


At 53 percent, Switzerland’s private label market share, measured by volume, was ahead of Spain and the United Kingdom, at 49 percent and 47 percent respectively. At the bottom of the list was Turkey at 16 percent and Italy at 19.1 percent.


Looked at in terms of the value of products sold, Switzerland again led Europe with a 46.3 percent private label market share, PLMA reports. Next was the U.K. at 42.2 percent and Spain at 38.2 percent. Turkey again ranked last in private label share as measured by value, with 10.7 percent, fllowed by Greece at 13.7 percent and Poland at 16.6 percent.


PLMA surveyed private label data from 20 countries analyzing market share by volume and value.