Private Label Buyer

Remember the Importance of Packaging Design, Panel Cautions

September 30, 2010

Packaging design is a key element in the marketing  mix that's often overlooked when rolling out new private label offerings,  warned members of a Wednesday panel discussion at the Private Brand Movement Conference in Chicago.
“Brand design is absolutely critical to strategy. I believe it is absolutely critical to 21st century business of any kind. The challenge is few, if any, industries are really set-up to handle it properly,” said Moira Cullen, senior director, global design, The Hersey Company.

“From a retailer perspective, especially in Meijer, having design as part of your company is crucial,” said Vicki VanHurley, packaging design supervisor, Meijer. “Packaging has a job to do and if we aren’t part of the strategy we are disjointed. It is very important to get people to see that.”