Private Label Buyer

Private Label Still Not High on Consumers' Shopping Lists, Study Says

November 17, 2011

Nine percent of consumers put private label products on their shopping lists before going shopping, according to a survey done by Chicago-based SymphonyIRI’s in its special report “The Downturn Shopper: Buckled in for a Wild and Crazy Ride” released this week.  This number is in contrast to the 17 percent of shoppers that come in with national brands on their lists, says the survey.
Of the shoppers surveyed, 69 percent use a shopping list before entering a retail store. Only one in two shoppers lists the categories they wish to purchase, according to the report. 
Getting onto the shopping list is very important today, for many consumers are sticking tightly to their lists in order to stay on budget. That does not, however, negate the importance of in-store efforts to reach consumers. In addition to reinforcing messages that helped secure a place on the list, in-store efforts may also appeal to those that shop without a list and to the 51 percent of shoppers that are still making additional and/or unplanned purchases upon seeing in-store deals and promotions,” explains the study. 
The report was done using a SymphonyIRI MarketPulse survey comparing the shopping habits of consumers between the first and third quarters of 2011.