Private Label Buyer

New Private Label Syrups Offer Competition to Karo Branded Offerings

November 30, 2011

Dominion Liquid Technology is offering a new line of private label corn, pancake and coffee syrups. The new products include an economy line of pancake syrups, economy and high-end coffee syrups, and a corn syrup that compares to the Karo brand, according to Brian Young, vice president of marketing at DLT Technologies.


“What it really means is that now there is another major player in the syrup category for private label,” he says. “The corn syrups are a Karo match with a new Karo-like bottle,” he adds. “[And] the coffee syrups are of two different economy version, Cafe al Fresco, and the high-end pure cane sugar line, Previsto.”


The Previsto brand comes in 36 different flavors, which are available in 750 ml and 375 ml bottles.


While the company showed the lines at the recent Private Label Manufacturers Association show, the syrups have been on the market for several months and are performing fairly well, says Young.