Private Label Buyer

New Coffee Roaster Targets Organic Fair Trade Space

January 5, 2010

Sun Coffee Roasters, a newly launched coffee roaster based in Plainville, Conn., said it is dedicated to supplying the world’s freshest, most flavorful blends - branded or private label - to wholesalers and retailers interested in premium organic fair trade (OFT) and single-origin products. Led by an executive partnership consisting of four individuals with more than 90 combined years of specialty coffee, global brand and financial experience, Sun Coffee Roasters noted that it was founded on “the principles of social consciousness, environmental responsibility and great taste.”

“Unlike our industry counterparts, who focus on retail and the general public, we’ve elected to establish Sun Coffee as the premier supplier of 100 percent Arabica-based OFT branded and private label coffees to wholesalers, distributors and retailers across a wide variety of industries throughout the country,” said Keith Lemnios, the company’s CEO. “While we also provide traditional coffee products, our expertise lies in the organic fair trade arena.”

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