Private Label Buyer

Conference Coverage: Watch Your Shoppers to See When They Buy, Experts Advises

September 28, 2011

Private label retailers can watch shoppers to better determine when they make PL buying decisions and then optimize store layouts to give shoppers more decision-making time, which hopefully will drive sales higher, said Tom Sullivan, president of State College, Pa.-based research firm VideoMining during FMI's Private Brands Summit in Chicago Tuesday.


“The problem is finding a way to get the greatest share of the shopper during their trip. Shoppers only have so much time allocated to a shopping trip. We’ve found that a general stock-up trip takes about 35 minutes. If a shopper makes a decision in 35 seconds, that is considered good,” he explains.


“By optimizing the shopping trip, you leave more time for them to engage in other categories,” concludes Sullivan.


Shopper video surveillance can determine the who, what, where and when of the shopping experience.