Private Label Buyer


November 1, 2010

Our pledge to bring you exclusive news, analysis and actionable information about the private label world reaches a new level in this issue with our PL Buyer Top 30 list of North American private label retailers.
Lists we’ve run in the past simply ranked retailers by overall sales, numbers you could have easily found in a variety of other locations.

The list we feature in this issue, compiled for us by research firm Planet Retail, is vastly different than any we’ve ever done before. It ranks retailers by their private label grocery sales to give you a true picture of the North American private label scene. Plus, the individual retailer profiles in this issue focus on retailer private label initiatives and successes during the past year, another change from past practices.
The information here will be much more useful to you as you do business in the private label arena. It presents a more accurate picture of not only who the big players are, but how much private label they’re actually selling. Compare the top of this year’s list to last year’s, for example. Walmart is at the top of both, of course. But last year’s No. 2, CVS, drops to No. 15 this year when we examine only private label grocery sales, defined as food and beverages, health and beauty care items and household products. Kroger moves up from No. 3 to No. 2 and ALDI, which didn’t make last year’s list, shoots to the No. 3 position.
Canadian retailers Loblaw and Sobeys move significantly higher on the list, as they should to reflect the larger amount of private label offerings they have compared to most of their U.S. counterparts. Indeed, U.S. retailers can look to Canada when searching for models of how to successfully create, market and sell a wider array of private label offerings.


Planet Retail took the estimates it created for this year’s list and then looked ahead, predicting private label grocery sales for these 30 retailers in 2014. Looking at that portion of our rankings table, you’ll see Target enjoyed the biggest move upward, making it a private label retailer to watch in the next five years.

As you page through this issue, take a moment to read our Corner Office interview with Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) President Brian Sharoff. With his nearly 30 years at the helm of PLMA, it’s fair to say Sharoff has seen it all when it comes to private label’s growth and evolution. Whether you’re an industry veteran or new to the business, you can gain important insights from reading what he has to say.