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The Editors' Table

May 30, 2014


Years ago, the first time my wife offered me a peanut-butter-filled pretzel from Trader Joe’s, I initially hesitated… I love peanut butter, and I love pretzels, but together?... Her self-assuredness convinced, and I’ve never looked back. These bags go quick in our house. I’ve tried other brands, but nobody nails this deceptively simple, crunchy, slightly sweet and salty coextruded snack like Joe. DJP

Trader Joe peanut-butter filled pretzels













Every time I buy these marvels of crispy, buttery, chocolaty goodness at my local Whole Foods, a minimum of two store associates give me a smiling nod and immediate high praise for my selection. “Those are so amazing.” “So good they should be outlawed.” I nod back, already part of the initiated. Everyone knows the best part of a brownie is that crispy outer edge, so why not make an ultra-crispy cookie-style brownie that’s all outer edge. Whole Foods did. And you have to try it to believe it. DJP

Whole Foods crispy brownies













 Ever since upstart specialty grocer Standard Market opened down the road from me a few years back in Westmont, Ill.—a western suburb of Chicago—I’ve been a regular.  Strong foodservice chops give this highly specialized independent grocer an exceptional take on all things fresh, including the multiple store-branded refrigerated spreads and dips merchandised in the produce section. On taco night, this Classic Guacamole is a natural—and regular—choice. DJP