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Brands vs Private Label Workshop Approaching

January 21, 2014

As we eagerly await the first signs of spring this year, Tissue World 2014 is giving private label retailers an excuse to get some sun a little sooner.

This March, the new Tissue Retailers and Distributors Insight Forum (TRIF) is being held for the first time ever at Tissue World 2014 and will include a half-day workshop on private label vs. branded tissue. Tissue World, takes place March 18-21 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida, giving paper product professionals, retailers, and distributors, the perfect excuse to head to a sunnier locale and learn more about whether to stock national brand tissue products or private label.

The workshop “Brands vs Private Label- And the Winner Is . . ?” will seek address this very issue.

The tissue category is very often retailers’ largest non-food category and the 3rd largest of all, according to Nielsen consumer research data. Costco says that its Kirkland brand bathroom tissue is its top-selling single item, with yearly sales of USD 500 million, according to Tissue World.

In 2011 in the USA nationally branded tissue had about 74 percent volume share. In West Europe the situation is almost the opposite as private label tissue had 64 percent volume, according to Tissue World.

“National brand tissue has stayed strong in the USA by innovating at a faster rate than private label. In addition national brand offers tremendous incentives for retailers to stock all their products. But how does the future look? Will national brand continue to bring value or will private label grow as it has in Europe? If so, how fast and why? What is the big difference between the US and Europe? Will more retailers upgrade to an Ultra offering in their own brands? Can newcomers change the balance?”

The session, including experts from groups such as Nielsen, Daymon, Mintel and RISI, will be led by Derek Dafoe, Sr. director of Category Management at Sysco, a leader in food services. Dafoe also has a wealth of experience on the retail side with companies such as P&G, WinnDixie/BILO, Nielsen and Cascades Tissue Group. This workshop will include representatives from retailers, manufacturers of both national brands and private label, as well as expert brokers and consultants.

“Brands vs Private Label- And the Winner Is . . ?” will take place at 3 p.m., Wednesday, March 19th at Tissue World located at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Tissue World has taken place since 1993 as the global tissue industry show focusing on the production and manufacturing side of tissue products.