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ALDI Launches SimplyNature Store Brand

January 3, 2014

ALDI has officially launched its new brand SimplyNature, featuring store brand items made with only all-natural or organic ingredients. SimplyNature products range from cereal, honey, fruit bars and apple juice, to pasta sauce, pizza, salsa and various snacks.

The new line of SimplyNature products is now available in all stores.

"At ALDI, we know that finding great-tasting, wholesome foods is important to our customers. With the new SimplyNature line of all-natural or organic products, customers can get high-quality, nutritious options at an affordable price," said Chuck Youngstrom, president of ALDI in a press release. "We're always striving to offer healthy options at prices that make it possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle – and that's exactly what the SimplyNature brand offers."

Beyond SimplyNature, ALDI continues to increase fresh produce offerings and currently carries nearly 70 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, including several new organic produce items.

Examples of new SimplyNature products available:

• SimplyNature Organic Agave Nectar (11.75 oz.) - $2.49
• SimplyNature Organic Fruit Bars (10 oz.) - $2.69
• SimplyNature Organic Toasted Oats (9-10 oz.) - $1.99
• SimplyNature Exotic Vegetable Chips (7.5 oz.) - $2.99
• SimplyNature Organic Apple Juice (64 oz.) - $2.49
• SimplyNature Organic Pasta Sauce (25 oz.) - $1.99
• SimplyNature Organic Diced Tomatoes (28oz.) - $1.49
• SimplyNature Organic Spaghetti or Linguine (16 oz.) - $1.19
• SimplyNature Shredded Wheat Cereal (16.4 oz.) - $1.99