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Wegmans Lowers Prices on Store Brand Baking Goods

December 4, 2013

Wegmans is offering lower prices on store brand baking products this holiday season.

“The reasons for the lower costs are varied, depending on whether it’s sugar or chocolate chips or nuts,” said Wegmans’ vice president of consumer affairs Mary Ellen Burris in a Fresh Ideas blog post. “However, we know that since 2009, there have been record high spikes in such ingredients and last year’s Midwest drought had a big effect. Now better weather has allowed things to return to a more normal level.”

Wegmans brand sugardropped from $2.49 in 2012 to $1.99. The store brand (all cane sugar) is also still a five-pound bag, while others have dropped the weight to four pounds.

“The reasons for sugar cost declines are complicated and so tied up in protecting the domestic sugar producers that it defies explanation,” said Burris.

Baking sugar (confectioners’ sugar) is also down from $1.29 last year to $.99 now. Wegmans Chocolate Morsels are down 20 cents to $1.49.

Wegmans has also done a complete analysis and quality improvement on our baking nuts.

“Our merchants tell me we can rightfully claim the nuts are ‘new and improved.’ We were not happy with the quality in our own brand and found a supplier that can provide higher quality with greater consistency and reliability, and at a better cost that we can pass along,” said Burris.


16 oz. walnuts were $6.49 and are now $5.99. Also, there is a new Family Pack size (3 pounds) for $16.99 ($5.66/lb).