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Whole Foods Barks About Whole Paws

September 20, 2013

Whole Foods Market has shed some light on its new private label Whole Paws pet food brand on its Whole Story blog.

The first ingredients in Whole Paws pet food is chicken, salmon, and other proteins. The pet food is made without artificial flavors, animal by-products, added sugar or grains.

The premium Whole Paws brand replaces the former 365 Everyday Value pet food products.

Blogger Paige Schilt writes that whentransitioning your pet to Whole Paws you should do it gradually, over a week or more and start by serving 80 percent of the established food with 20 percent of the new food. Continue increasing the percentage every day or two, until your pet is dining on 100 percent Whole Paws premium pet food.