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Reset Brings New Private Label Items To PetSmart

May 23, 2013

After posting higher sales in the first quarter of 2013, PetSmart officials discussed the company’s largest reset in its history, a move that will include almost 1,000 new items, many of them PetSmart exclusive brands.

Same-store sales in the quarter rose 3.5 percent, the company announced, while total sales rose 5 percent. Among the company’s notable moves were expanding space to its super premium Simply Nourish brand, introducing new formulations in dog and cat foods for its own brands, and launching an exclusive clothing and toy line with Tommy Bahama Pets.

PetSmart President David Lenhardt told analysts the company would reset its reptile space in May, adding new private label items to the category, which is the fastest-growing species in the specialty category.

“This summer, we will be executing the dog hard goods reset across the chain,” Lenhardt said, according to transcripts of the call from Seeking Alpha. “We will be adding newness to our core brands, bringing in new category-relevant brands, as well as in and out buzzworthy brands.”

Lenhardt said the reset would start in June, run through August, and consume about a third of the total space in the store.

“A couple of things you’ll see us introduce as part of this. One is we’re going to, with exclusivity and really leveraging this humanization of pets trend … bring human brands into the pet space,” he said, according to the Seeking Alpha transcripts. “So you’re going to see Burt’s Bees in health and beauty. You’re going to see Off in flea and tick. You’re going to see Shout in stain and odor.

“So this is again really the first time we’ve been able to holistically look at our entire dog hard goods section, and we’re excited about both the innovation and the productivity it’s going to drive.”