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Hannford Hosts Private Brand Bag Design Contest

April 24, 2013

Grocer Hannaford is yet again running its  “Design-A-Reusable-Hannaford-Bag” contest.

Children ages 7-13 may submit a design and the winners will get to see their drawing on a reusable bag, to be sold in Hannaford stores in 2014, and will receive a $100 Hannaford gift card. Entries will be accepted through May 25.

For the design theme Hannaford asks participants to "draw us a picture or come up with a slogan that shows your favorite way to save energy. Maybe it will be a picture of you conserving electricity, water, or gasoline or coming up with a slogan to encourage our customers to save energy and help our planet earth. Whatever it is, we want it to be bright, bold, and full of color."