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Jetbag Millerighe

March 15, 2013

 Idea Mia LLC has manufactured and sold more than 1 million JetBags, a portable, reusable, biodegradable wine carrier that protects a bottle of wine, shielding it from shocks and temperature changes. To celebrate this achievement they partnered with young Italian designers Paolo Selis and Francesca Pavese to offer a new JetBag inspired by the trendy “MilleRighe” pattern. Idea Mia produces its award-winning products in Roscommon, a small town in Northern Michigan that is very proud to be the world-capital for wine bags. Workers at ROOC Inc (Idea Mia’s assembly contractor) recently received the new bags to work with. The new “MilleRighe” design will come equipped with single packages as well as counter displays. In the spring, boxes also will complete the offering. IdeaMia LLC is a Lathrup Village, Mich.-based maker of consumer products. European operations are based in Turin, Italy. 

— Idea Mia, LLC,
Lathrup Village, Michigan;