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Waitrose To Expand Essential Waitrose Range

March 6, 2013

UK grocer Waitrose has announced it will add a record number of products to its £1bn essential Waitrose range in 2013. Nearly 400 everyday shopping items will be added to the essential Waitrose range this year and products will launch across existing categories and in new areas including further expansion into non-food. In total, 700 essential Waitrose products will be new or improved in 2013.

Essential Waitrose, which represents 18 percent of total sales at Waitrose, launched in March 2009 with 1,400 lines of staple grocery items in meat, fruit and veggies, and milk. The range has since grown to 1,800 lines across most key product categories including homewares products such as plates, wine glasses and saucepans.

The essential Waitrose range continues to meet the high standards of Waitrose quality and care; all beef, pork and chicken is British, all eggs are free range and all bananas are Fairtrade for example. All UK growers which supply essential Waitrose fruit and vegetables are accredited by LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), which promotes environmentally responsible and sustainable farming by helping farmers produce food with care and to high environmental standards.

Waitrose’s promise to offer the best value and quality to shoppers also includes its Brand Price Match commitment to ensure that branded products are the same price as Tesco, excluding promotions. The grocer also adds promotions to more than 1,000 products each week and offers its myWaitrose members special deals and tailored offers.

Waitrose marketing director, Rupert Thomas, said: “When we launched essential Waitrose four years ago we set out to offer the quality our customers expect from us with the reassurance of Waitrose values at affordable prices. The success of the range has been overwhelming; 79 percent of shoppers now add an essential Waitrose product to their basket when shopping with us. We will continue to grow the range in existing and new product categories, underlining our promise to offer customers the best value without ever compromising on quality.”