Private Label Buyer

Walmart Backs Off Private Label Promotions

February 27, 2013

The world’s largest retailer saw a significant drop-off in private label promotions last week, according to data provided exclusively for PLBuyer’s eReport by Chicago-based market research firm Market Track.

Walmart had 82.5 percent fewer private label promotions last week compared with a year ago, but also had a significantly smaller amount that any of the 15 retailers watched by Market Track. Walmart’s promotions were a third the amount of the next-lowest retailer on the list, CVS.

Ten of the 15 retailers tracked saw declines in promotions from a year ago, with Walgreens(-34.9%), Food Lion (-33.7%) and Kroger (-33.5%) among the largest decliners.

Target took the opportunity to push its own products, increasing promotions 38.5 percent from a year ago.

Market Track’s analysis reflects regional versioning and market specific differences in circulars. This is accomplished through an extensive collections process, including physically obtaining the ads from the various markets in which they are distributed. In instances where retailers send additional circulars to a limited number of markets, Market Track’s information reflects these nuances to give a view of what is happening nationally.