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Hispanic Men Present Opportunities for Marketers, Reports Mintel

February 13, 2013


Hispanic men are more brand loyal than Latinas and are often willing to pay a bit more for their preferred brand, according to the latest research from Mintel. Specifically, some 35 percent of Hispanic men think more expensive brands of laundry detergents are more effective than bargain brands - versus 31 percent of Hispanic women.

Mintel found some 42 percent of Hispanic men and more than half (55 percent) of Hispanic dads are the top decision maker on the purchases made in their household. Moreover, influence in the household also varies with age. Around  half of Hispanic men aged 45-64 have the most influence on their household purchasing decisions, as do half of Hispanic men aged 35-44, versus 44 percent of those aged 25-34.

Leylha Ahuile, senior multicultural analyst at Mintel, said:

“Everywhere we look marketers are directing their focus on Latinas, but brands are forgetting to talk to Hispanic men. Ignoring Hispanic men is an unwise mistake as this growing group, like most men in the US, has taken on a greater role with household chores, caring for children and shopping for the household. Marketing efforts that discuss how Hispanic men, and Hispanic dads in particular, can obtain top value in their household purchases could set a grocery retailer apart from its competitors, leading to greater loyalty among Hispanic men who are buying food for the household. By failing to reach out to Hispanic men, brands and retailers will miss out on the chance to establish themselves as the first choice among a segment of shoppers poised to gain great influence in the coming years.”

When it comes to where to shop, three in four (75 percent) Hispanic men shop for food items at a traditional grocery store, making it the leading destination among Hispanic men for food shopping for their household. However, Hispanic fathers are more likely to purchase groceries at mass merchandisers, with 71 percent of them doing so, compared to 63 percent of Hispanic men without children.

As for key purchasing factors, Latinos like to play it safe. Some 44 percent of Hispanic men bought a new product after first sampling it in a store, while 42 percent made a purchase after a friend or family recommended the product. Moreover, around a third (32 percent) of Hispanic men are more likely to be influenced by ads on Spanish-language TV than ads on English-language TV.