Private Label Buyer

Aphena Pharma Buys Private Label OTC Products

January 29, 2013

Philadelphia-based Aphena Pharma Solutions Inc. recently acquired 14 OTC products from G&W Laboratories as part of its ongoing strategy to expand access to the private label marketplace by buying small- and large-scale private label offerings.

The 14 new products are topical cream and ointment items for several categories. They include:

Allergy cream (compare to Benadryl 2%), diaper rash ointment (compare to Desitin Original), greaseless muscle rub (compare to Bengay Greaseless), hemorrhoidal cooling gel (compare to Preparation H), hemorrhoidal cream (compare to Preparation H), hemorrhoidal ointment (compare to Preparation H), hydrocortisone cream with aloe (compare to Cortaid or Cortizone 10), hydrocortisone ointment with aloe (compare to Cortaid or Cortizone 10),  lubricating jelly (compare to K-Y Jelly), miconazole nitrate seven-day vaginal cream (compare to Monistat 7), sani pads (compare to Tucks), tolnaftate cream (compare to Tinactin), zinc oxide ointment, and ultra muscle rub (compare to Bengay Ultra)

"Aphena is very proud to be able to offer these products to our customers," Aphena CEO Renard Jackson said in a news release. "Being able to provide this product lineup will help us to grow our existing customer base and will open up new doors with new customers. An added benefit for our customers is that they have access to additional manufacturing capacity through our liquids manufacturing operation in Easton, Md."

G&W is a primary source of many generic pharmaceuticals marketed under the private brands of leading national and regional drug and food chains. Aphena Pharma Solutions Inc. is an industry-leading organization providing turnkey contract packaging, repackaging and manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical, OTC, dietary supplements, animal health, health and beauty, consumer health and medical device markets. For more, visit