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Nielsen Webinar Reveals New Shopping Habits For Canadians

January 24, 2013

Increased urbanization and condominium living in Canada is driving shoppers to do more frequent shopping with smaller baskets, Carman Allison, Director of Industry Insights, The Nielsen Company, Canada, reported in Thursday’s Nielsen webinar, "Canadian Focus: What's in Store 2013: Think Small for Big Results."

“It’s very unaffordable for first-time homebuyers to buy a home, and that’s why they are increasingly choosing condominiums,” Allison said.

As a result shopping habits are going to change, since smaller sizes are generally a rule for condo living.

Additionally, where Canadians shop is changing. Urbanization leading to more interest in local stores, while 39 percent of smartphone owners are willing to use a virtual store, The Canadian PanelViews Social Media Survey, Oct 2012, reveals. Paper products and health and beauty items were top items they’d be willing to buy from a virtual store, while they were less likely to buy fresh products.

The survey also found 24 percent would be willing to use a phone to pay and 35 percent are willing to use a retailer loyalty app, replacing store cards.

Fresh quality remains highly important to Canadian consumers, Allison said, with 53 percent of Canadians looking for quality fresh when deciding where to shop. Also, Asian consumers are a growing consumer segment. Allison suggests retailers think about ways to reach these growing consumer segments.