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Cover Story - 2012 Peruvian Influence

Peruvian Companies Making Trek To Chicago

November 27, 2012
Condensed Milk Gloria

Four companies based in Lima, Peru, site of the 2012 Expoalimentaria show, will be in Chicago in November as exhibitors at the PLMA Trade Show.

Leading the way is Grupo Gloria, a recently reorganized conglomerate that has expanded through acquisitions in the past decade. It now has divisions in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rice, and Uruguay in addition to Peru.

The main focus of the company is in food and dairy products, although it also has its hand in cement, paper, agro-industry, and transportation and service.

It operates in 80 countries around the world, and Regional Manager Miguel Angel Arteaga said that each of the divisions focused on different products. In Uruguay

“The USA is a great market and we want to make our private label available to the companies."

it might be cheese and powdered milk, while Puerto Rico might be focused on milks and creams.

“The USA is a great market and we want to make our private label available to the companies,” Arteaga said.

For Gloria, that means taking its latest product to PLMA – a sweet condensed milk that will be available for companies beginning next year.

It also means focusing on unique items that Peru can help provide to international markets. In this case, it will be Papas Nativas, snack chips made from sweet potatoes grown in Peru.

“Our snacks are not common snacks,” he said. “Peru has more than 500 types of potatoes that grow here, from the highlands in particular, called nativas. They are sweet potatoes with unusual colors, and we leave them as they are. This is one of our top products.”

For aib agroindustrias, the companies uses its combination of company owned field and third-party suppliers to bring the fruits and vegetables of the country to international markets, whether in fresh, frozen, juices and by-products, or canned forms.

This year will mark the company’s third visit to the PLMA show, as it celebrates its 25th year in business. Key Account Manager Esteban Liebminger Pace said he was eager to return and meet with clients, old and new.

“It’s a good show, and a good way to have contact with customers and potential customers,” he said. “We can have a meeting point to talk about the business, mostly update clients on contracts and have new contracts ready for next season.”

The company will focus on two main products to bring to PLMA. One is its roasted red peppers in a jar. The other is fresh red globe grapes, the first time the company has grown grapes in its 25 years.

“We have fruits to vegetables available, and it’s most important to us to keep our customers satisfied with the best quality,” Pace said, ticking off a long list of standards and certifications that the company has achieved. “We’ve been introducing the roasted red peppers the last couple of years, but we’re making a big push this year and introducing more of the product on the retail side.

“And then the fresh grapes this year. They’re big for the Asian market, and there’s other opportunities worldwide.
“There’s really big fishes at the PLMA. Because we’re at the show I can meet with all our customers and I’m not stressed. I know all the companies that have booths, and the others we can walk and meet.”

In the nonfood category, Hersil will in Chicago to tout its products, featuring a Maca-based natural energizer and an anti-inflammatory supplement.

“We have found that because other Peruvian companies have been there before and had other business opportunities that became reality, we believe we have a good product and services to offer to foreign countries, too,” Hersil Managing Director Mark Silva Dellaha said.

Dellaha said the company was founded by his father and uncles 50 years ago, focusing on the pharmaceutical industry in Peru, using natural resources and plants to create the products it uses today. He said the highlight of his company’s offerings at PLMA will be an all-natural supplement produced in Peru that helps to lower bad cholesterol.

“We have an R&D department and we are developing many other national markets,” he said. “All these products come again from Peru’s natural resources.”

Finally, Ecoacuicola SAC will make the trip as well. The company focuses on agricultural and aquaculture products, with plants in Peru devoted to processing and packaging agricultural products, processing frozen fish products, and selecting and packing fresh fruits.

“We are going to PLMA in order to get new customers around the USA,” said Guillermo Leon Riofrio of Ecoacuicola SAC, whose company will attend the show for the first time. “The idea is to diversify our customer base, to learn about new products and new presentations, and be aware about the market.”

Some of the products the company plans to feature are:

  • fresh grapes
  • mangos and avocados
  • frozen mangos and artichokes
  • canned piquillo peppers, bell peppers, and artichokes

In December, the PLBuyer cover story will feature a look at the Expoalimentaria, with insight from companies and organizers about the event and the challenges facing exporters in the world of private label as more and more companies seek to expand beyond their borders to find future success.

In addition, the cover story will be featured in both English and Spanish as PLBuyer goes bilingual to finish out 2012. The issue will be available to subscribers beginning Dec. 1.