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Gourmet Classics

September 20, 2012

gourmet classics anchor packagingGourmet Classics

Anchor Packaging introduced the first full line of cold PET takeout containers that feature both anti-fog technology and consumer tear-away lid benefits. The new Gourmet Classics series has crystal clear lids with integral anti-fog technology in cold temperatures. With the elimination of condensation, this increases viewable lid “real estate” where the prepared food and the logo/label information can both be seen. Anchor has also added a consumer-friendly, perforated hinged tear-away lid to the new Gourmet Classics series. After removal, the lid can easily nest under the black tray, interlocking in place for optional use later. The lid design provides for other value-added features including: one-hand lid closure, textured offsetting tabs on the base and lid for easy opening, and the single-piece bowl and hinged lid simplifies ordering, inventory and handling. 
— Anchor Packaging, Inc.; 13515 Barrett Parkway; St. Louis, MO 63021; 800-467-3900;