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Exfoliating Sponge

September 4, 2012

exfoliating sponge premier brands of americaExfoliating Sponge

Premier Brands of America introduces simplySoft, the first ever soft, exfoliating sponge, made specifically to effectively remove dry, rough, and callused skin from the feet. The exfoliating sponge is unique in that it can be used wet or dry. For quick results, you can use the exfoliating sponge dry to remove thick, hard skin and calluses. Or for gentle results, you can use in the shower with your favorite shower scrub to buff away rough skin. The product’s special contoured design removes skin from any angle of the foot, especially around the heel area.

— Premier Brands of America, Inc.; 31 South Street; Mt. Vernon, NY 10550; 914-667-6200;